The Wimberley Valley Trails Project is an effort by Hays County and the City of Wimberley to identify routes, study, and design the extension of trails in the Wimberley and Woodcreek areas.




The Wimberley Valley Trails initiative is an effort to develop a multi-year vision to improve connectivity in the City of Wimberley and surrounding areas. This vision includes a system of hike and bike trails, a variety of transportation options, and other strategies to help connect people with nature and link regional points of interest in the community.​ To pay for these improvements, the City of Wimberley and/or Hays County may apply for a variety of state and federal grants that support community development projects related to trails, job creation, or other safety improvements. It is anticipated that the project would rank very well.


The project has two areas of focus:

  • Development of a master plan for walking, hiking, driving, and other transportation options connect points of interest including Blue Hole Park, Wimberley Square, and Jacobs Well.

  • Identify improvements and design sidewalks and trails along Old Kyle Road trail extension and improvements to Ranch Road 2325 from Wimberley Square to the intersection of Ranch Road 3237.



The goals of the Wimberley Valley Trails planning effort are to:

  • Recommend multimodal options that will improve the quality of life of residents, attract tourists, improve the local economy, and identify strategies for local coordination, project prioritization and funding for local governments. Community engagement will support these efforts and seek support for future pedestrian and bicycle routes and trail connectors




Wimberley Valley Trails Infographic-R3.j
City of Wimberley Trails


  • Recommend connector trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks that will improve the quality of life and health of residents

  • Develop a trail network to connect various community points of interest, attract tourists and improve the local economies of Wimberley and Woodcreek

  • Identify strategies for local coordination, implementation, prioritization, and funding for local governments



  • Improve  sidewalks, trails, and other features

  • Identify options to redevelop Old Kyle Road to better connect the square to Blue Hole Park and other sections of the trail on both sides of the road

  • The goal is to bring proposed improvements into PS&E Phase (Plans, Specs & Estimate)


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Why do trails matter?

Trails provide many benefits including improved health and safety, mobility, preservation of the environment, economic growth, and community identity. An interconnected trail system in the Wimberley Valley region can provide more mobility options that connect important destinations and enhance the character of the local area.

How will input from the community be used in the planning process?

For more than 10 years, the City of Wimberley has undergone extensive planning and community engagement efforts to create a connected, safe, multimodal expansion of trail systems. This project will build on previous efforts by utilizing a variety of community engagement tools to share information and gather feedback about the projects.

Community input will play an important role in the development of recommended improvements and mobility projects such as connector trails, bike lanes, and sidewalks. Public feedback will also help to identify strategies for local coordination, implementation, and funding for local governments so that projects can be prioritized and implemented in the way that makes the most sense for the Cities of Wimberley and Woodcreek.

When will these projects be implemented?

The projects, improvements, and recommendations identified as part of the Mobility Master Plan and improvements to Old Kyle Road will occur in different phases. Project completion will depend on identification of project sponsor(s), securing necessary funding, development of engineering and design, and further community input.

How can I share my feedback on the project?

The comment period is now closed. The project team will continue to provide updates on the website as the project moves forward. Sign up for email updates to stay informed.

How will these projects be funded?

There are several state and federal grant opportunities that can help support the implementation of these projects, including the US Department of Transportation Build Program, the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) Highway Safety Improvement program, the CAMPO Regional Call for Projects, the Transportation Reauthorization Extension, and funding from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation, the Public Works CARES Act, and the CDBG-MIT Programs.

Due to the thorough planning process outlined in the Wimberley Valley Trails project, it becomes easier to secure funding for the project proposal. The planning efforts demonstrate that local government entities are advancing publicly supported projects that benefit the community for years to come.



If you have a question or would like to leave a comment you can reach the project team through phone, email, or mail. 

P.O. Box 5459

Austin, TX 78763

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